Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emirates' Summary of Medical Standards

Body Mass Index

(weight in kg/height2in m)

Between BMI 16-18: please comment if BMI is appropriate for body frame

Between BMI 25-30: please comment if BMI appropriate for body frame


≤ 16 Underweight

≥ 30 Obese


Minimum arm reach of 212 cm (on tip toes)


Well controlled allergic rhinitis or sinusitis on aviation approved medications


Recurrent otitis media or TM perforations

Meniere’s disease

Spontaneous or positional nystagmus


Perilymph fistula

Severe motion sickness

Any ear disease or condition that may cause vertigo or a disturbance of speech or equilibrium.

HearingPure tone audiometric test. Unaided, with thresholds no worse than:
Frequency500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz3000 Hz
Worst Ear35 dB35 dB35 dB50 dB
Acceptable Alternative Tests:

If hearing loss is greater than above, acceptable if:

a.) Hearing performance in each ear against background noise stimulating flight desk noise is normal for speech & beacon signals

b.) Can hear conversational voice in a quite room with back turned to examiner at a distance of 2 meters using both ears


Speech defects


VisionAcceptable if:

Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye

Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm & N14 at 100cm

If visual correction is required:

Must be able to use contact lenses suitable for long-term wear in the dry aircraft environment

Soft permeable lenses are preferable & hard lenses (e.g. for keratoconus) are not suitable


Spectacles for visual correction

Visual field defects

Functionally monocular vision

LASIK/PRKAcceptable if:

Meets above visual standards

Has no complications

More than three months post-op

OphthalmologyAcceptable if:

Meets above visual standards

Has no complications

More than three months post-op


Well controlled asthma


Any acute disability of the lungs or any active disease of the structure of the lungs, chest or lung cavities

Blood PressureAcceptable:

Untreated or un-investigated recurrent BP readings ≥ 140/90

Hypertension well controlled on aviation approved medications


History or diagnosis of:

Any significant functional or structural abnormality of the circulatory system

Angina pectoris

Coronary heart disease that has been treated or, if untreated, that has been symptomatic or clinically significant;

Myocardial infarction;

Permanent cardiac pacemaker;

Heart replacement

Any abnormality or the heart, congenital or acquired which is likely to interfere with the safe exercise of cabin crew duties


Irritable Bowel Disease except if well controlled on aviation approved medications or causing minimal symptoms

Inflammatory bowel disease


Any disease with significant impairment of function of the gastrointestinal tract or its adnexa


History of recurrent renal stones


Significant Dysmenorrhoea

Untreated high grade PAP abnormalities such as CIN II or higher


Chronic or recurrent back pain resulting in sick leave or time off work

Scoliosis ≥ 30 degrees

SkinAcceptable Conditions if well controlled:





Any endocrine disorders such as Diabetes mellitus may interfere with the safe exercise of cabin crew duties


History of diagnosis of:

Significant Learning disorders or disabilities such as dyslexia


Bipolar disorder, particularly if sever enough to have resulted in self injury

A mental abnormality, or neurosis of a significant degree that may jeopardize flight safety

Substance Dependence & AbuseUnacceptable:

History of diagnosis of :substance dependence” such as alcoholism

“Substance” includes alcohol & other drugs (i.e. PCP, sedatives & hypnotics, anxiolytics, marijuana, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines, hallucinogens & other psychoactive drugs or chemicals)

The applicant will be drug screened or arrival in Dubai as GCAA requirement. Candidates should avoid taking any sleeping tables or cold remedies in the week prior to their arrival in Dubai.



Cases of head injury with sequelae that are likely to interfere with the safe exercise of cabin crew duties

Unexplained disturbance of consciousness

Unexplained Transient loss of control of nervous system function(s)

Any progressive conditions

Any disease of the nervous system abnormality that may jeopardize flight safety


Unexplained or severe Anaemia (Haemoglobin ≤ 10g/dl)

Significant localized & generalized enlargement of the lymphatic glands & diseases of the blood that are likely to affect the safe exercise of cabin crew duties

Infectious diseasesUnacceptable:

Untreated or active Tuberculosis

Salmonella or Campylobacter carrier

HIV Positive

Any infection that may interfere with the flight safety


Recurrent vasovagal attacks

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interviewing for Success

  • Be well prepared and have as much information on the position and likely competencies that the Interviewers will be seeking evidence of at interview. Your technical competencies (professional knowledge and ability to do the job), your behavioural competencies (your individual work style and your interpersonal style working with others) and your cultural fitness (attitudes and values) will be assessed during the meeting.   

  • Interviewers will be seeking to explore your motivations for applying, therefore clearly think through the reasons you believe a career in Emirates Group, and the particular role you are applying for, will meet your career expectations. Think also about what others have said about you in previous roles, i.e. your strong points, and also the areas you are consciously developing further. This will show self-awareness and maturity, as well as a commitment to improve yourself.   

  • Consider the likely questions you might be asked and have practical examples of where you have been successful and achieved results to demonstrate your capabilities when answering the questions. Think of previous experiences and how you have handled certain situations that you might face in the position being interviewed for. Have facts, and don't inflate your achievements or you are likely to get caught out when the Interviewers probe further with more detailed questions. Also, know your resume well and be able to answer any questions asked about its content.   

  • Presenting a positive image at an interview is very important, therefore be on time, well dressed and groomed, and be confident in your communication. This will help you make a positive first impression. Importantly, listen to the questions asked, pause and collect your thoughts, and if you are not sure of the question then seek clarification before answering. Do not over talk and instead give detailed yet concise responses. Be aware of your body language during the interview and remember Emirates is seeking employees with positive attitudes.   

  • Being well prepared will give you confidence and help you come across professionally. This combined with being as natural and relaxed as possible will give you the best chance of success. 



Friday, November 21, 2008


QATAR AIRWAYS: Female Cabin Crew Recruitment Campaign (MANILA) 

All candidates must apply in person to be pre-screened at the Diamond Hotel, Manila onNovember 29, 2008 at 9AM SHARP.

Candidates who pass the pre-screening will be called within the day to be included onNovember 30 - Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Assessment.

Pre-screening Schedule: 
November 29, 2008 - STRICTLY 9AM SHARP (Doors will be closed at exactly 9:30AM)
Venue: Diamond Hotel
Roxas Boulevard cor. Dr. J. Quintos St., Manila

Qatar Airways' Pre-screening Requirements:
1) Minimum age requirement of 20 - 30 years old.
2) At least high school graduate.
3) Good English communication skills.
4) Clear skin, if possible no blemishes or visible scarring.
5) Good set of teeth.
6) Can reach 212cm on tip-toes; weight in proportion to the height.
7) Business attire is required: Corporate coat over blouse & knee-level skirt, hair tied up, and in full make-up
8) Updated curriculum vitae
9) 1 passport-sized photograph in business attire (Sky blue background)
10) 1 full-body 4R-sized photograph in business attire (Sky blue background taken by a professional photographer)

Assessment Schedule: (For shortlisted candidates only)
November 30, 2008 (Sun)
Venue: Diamond Hotel
Roxas Boulevard cor. Dr. J. Quintos St., Manila

Final Interview Schedule: 
December 1 - 3, 2008 (Mon - Wed)
Venue: IPAMS Main Office
1455 Leon Guinto Sr. St. Malate Manila

Thursday, October 30, 2008

IPAMS: Emirates Airline

For your information, we have ongoing preliminary screening for Cabin Crew for Emirates Airline. If you are residing in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, you may visit our office anytime for preliminary screening. Our office is located at1455 Leon Guinto Sr. St., Malate, Manila.

When reporting to IPAMS please bring your updated resume, one whole body picture (size 4R), light-blue background taken by a professional photographer and one piece passport size photograph. Please also come in proper business attire (Females - corporate coat over blouse & knee-level skirt / hair tied and pulled away from face; Males - coat and tie).

Below are the pre-qualification requirements set by our clients for Cabin Crew:


Age:             - 21 to 35 years old (single or married)

Height:          - At least 5'2" for females and 5'6" for males

Females only:    - Hand reach to 212cm (barefoot / tip-toed)

Education:     - At least 2nd year College level

Skin:             - Clear skin (no visible scars, pimples, blemishes, and tattoos)

Others:           - Must have a good set of teeth (Upper teeth should be properly aligned,

   strictly no braces nor retainers.)

  - 20/20 Vision. Contact lenses are accepted.

  - Weight should be proportionate to height

  - Good English communication skills


Monday, October 27, 2008

Weight Chart for Women


Small Frame

Medium Frame

Large Frame





























































Sunday, October 26, 2008

Regarding Tattoos


Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Essential Guide To Becoming a Flight Attendant

KIKI WARD (Author)

"The most successful flight attendant career guide in the world."
  • Everything you need to know to be successful in your airline interview, including insider, detailed, airline approved guidelines that will tell you exactly what your interviewer will be looking for.
  • Over 90 current airline interview questions with the answers your recruiter wants to hear! These are the questions you will be asked in your airline interviews!
  • Detailed guidelines and insider tips on exactly what you should wear to your airline interview.

  • How to stand out at your interview, plus key information to enhance your performance, straight from airline recruiters.
  • Detailed instruction on completing your airline application and building your resume, and what you absolutely must include on your application or resume to get hired. 

  • Complete resume and application tips and guidelines, plus an airline approved resume cover letter is included.
  • Information on how to succeed on pre-interview tests (Worldwide city codes and the 24 hour clock are included, so you can begin studying what you need to know prior to your interview).
  • The actual role play scenarios you will participate in at your airline interview with the answers you need to impress your recruiter.
  • An insiders look at flight attendant income, perks, travel benefits, scheduling and much more. A sample trip and a typical flight attendant work day is also included. 
  • Airline terms glossary, understand and speak like an airline insider with this complete list of airline crewmember terminology!
  • Exactly what to expect during Flight Attendant training and how to succeed from the day you arrive until your graduation day!


I got this from Hongkong.This book is very helpful and informative. I assure you. If you want one photocopied for p700 (shipping included for LUZON pips) please email me at, include your NAME and ADDRESS .
Quality is assured.

Thank you! :)

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Friday, October 24, 2008

It's the little details that will make or break you

Airlines have been known to have applications to be filled out at the interview. If you forgot to bring your pen (REMEMBER: Bring 2 pens!!), you can ask the interviewer for one, and they will give you a pencil. Later, when they're going through the applications, they will throw out all the ones filled out in pencil, as this proves you're not good at planning ahead for a given situation. (SEE?? =) )

Are you friendly and talkative, or are you shy and keep to yourself? Your posture and how you sit, walk and talk will all be checked. This information may be reported to the interviewers before you enter their office. You will always want to be on guard at all times, not just the time you are infront of the interviewers.  Are you slumped against the wall or slouching in your seat while waiting to be called? Is this what would you consider "professional flight attendant" demeanor? Your interviewers will not! Be other airlines for that matter. Always be upbeat and positive as possible. Even if it is allowed or permissible, don't smoke during the interview process (Hello???)

You will want to bring to your interview the following items:
  • Passport
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • Copies of your resume (atleast 2) with your 2 2x2 photographs, including a full length
  • A copy of the information needed on the application (varies)
  • Letters of reference
  • Pen (2 or more!!)
  • Watch ( just goes to show that you're professional)
  • WATER & Sumtin' to munch when you're about to faint! :) ) (you'll thank me later)