Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interviewing for Success

  • Be well prepared and have as much information on the position and likely competencies that the Interviewers will be seeking evidence of at interview. Your technical competencies (professional knowledge and ability to do the job), your behavioural competencies (your individual work style and your interpersonal style working with others) and your cultural fitness (attitudes and values) will be assessed during the meeting.   

  • Interviewers will be seeking to explore your motivations for applying, therefore clearly think through the reasons you believe a career in Emirates Group, and the particular role you are applying for, will meet your career expectations. Think also about what others have said about you in previous roles, i.e. your strong points, and also the areas you are consciously developing further. This will show self-awareness and maturity, as well as a commitment to improve yourself.   

  • Consider the likely questions you might be asked and have practical examples of where you have been successful and achieved results to demonstrate your capabilities when answering the questions. Think of previous experiences and how you have handled certain situations that you might face in the position being interviewed for. Have facts, and don't inflate your achievements or you are likely to get caught out when the Interviewers probe further with more detailed questions. Also, know your resume well and be able to answer any questions asked about its content.   

  • Presenting a positive image at an interview is very important, therefore be on time, well dressed and groomed, and be confident in your communication. This will help you make a positive first impression. Importantly, listen to the questions asked, pause and collect your thoughts, and if you are not sure of the question then seek clarification before answering. Do not over talk and instead give detailed yet concise responses. Be aware of your body language during the interview and remember Emirates is seeking employees with positive attitudes.   

  • Being well prepared will give you confidence and help you come across professionally. This combined with being as natural and relaxed as possible will give you the best chance of success. 




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